Comment 40 for bug 160311

Some "gnome" apps have a resize corner, like Nautilus, but most GTK+ generic apps don't - Avidemux, Thunderbird, Firefox, DeVeDe and so on. In fact, many gnome apps themselves don't bother with the resize corner - look at the terminal for example.

Besides, that doesn't help you much when you want to resize down from the top - you'd have to resize up, then drag down. So much for ease of use in that scenario.

Just crazy that the entire experience of using Gnome can be tarnished by what should be easily fixed, and yet has been outstanding for nearly a year (probably much longer), spanning three O/S's (Gutsy, Hardy and now Intrepid).

Since posting, I've been messing about with themes and I've found one setting that makes a small difference. Go to System/Preferences/Appearance, then choose "Customise", then the tab "Window Border". They all seem to be 2px or 3px in size, APART from one called "Bright". It seems to have a 4px or 5px border. Sadly, it also changes all your window styles (looks awful) and min/max/close widgets (also looks awful). And it's a kinda bad looking brown colour, which doesn't fit the rest of my current theme. Not really much of a fix then.

But, I'm going to see if I can find the file that refers to "Bright" in gnome themes (where ever they might be - the system themes certainly aren't in ~/themes) and see what makes it's borders bigger. If I can find that I might be able to hack my "Dust" theme to have bigger borders.

What a pile of shxx. This, just so I can resize windows without having to have the coordination of an olympic athlete.