Comment 383 for bug 160311

Andrei (0p-andrei) wrote :

1. This bug was fixed in compiz and Unity in 11.04 (two years ago now). The left, right and bottom window borders now have a ten-pixel each-way grab area.
  How much pixels have the top and bottom?
  Was fixed and now it's the same?
  I've counted only 8, not 10 on left and right.
  How about the corners? Is there an image which shows the invisible border?

2. A similar grab area was added to the top border in 13.04
2 pixels top border grab area in , installed yesterday and also updated. The single difference from the standard is a newer kernel, to fix a bug with video camera . But then again, this video/microphone bug was also fixed sometunes in 3.5, so it shouldn't be back again.
Should I download another 13.04 Ubuntu version?

3. If no such grab area exists and you are running Unity 3D,
I should (re)open a ticket, but it's too freaking hard, because bug has been solved. The same way as bug #1 probably. This is not one of a 100 paper cuts, this is like smashing your hand with a hammer. Not being able to change the background to a solid color is a paper cut. After using computers for the last 15 years almost every day, more than 8 hours a day, and coming again to Ubuntu to see how it's doing, and being greeted by a crippled interface, it's saddening. But not so much as the attitude of not seeing how broken the usability is.

4. No such grab area exists in Unity 2D.
Not using 2D, as far as I know.

5. This bug is only fixed in Unity 3D.
  This bug was (probably) fixed in Unity 3D.

Can you tell me on what computer configuration runs the automated test which measures this grab border?

Canonical should close all regression bugs, because they were once fixed.