Comment 382 for bug 160311

2013/7/29 Sam Spilsbury <email address hidden>

> Please stop asking to revert the status of this bug. It is fine as is:
> 1. This bug was fixed in compiz and Unity in 11.04 (two years ago now).
> The left, right and bottom window borders now have a ten-pixel each-way
> grab area.

This is plain false. Wanna come over my place to see it for yourself?

> 2. A similar grab area was added to the top border in 13.04

Again, this can be proved false on many computers. I can show you a few.

> 3. If no such grab area exists

In other words: such grab area might not exist, so how on Earth can you say
this is fixed?

> and you are running Unity 3D, you can configure the borders so that they
> do exist:
> 11.04: Open
> /usr/share/themes/Ambiance/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml and edit the
> <padding> tags under <frame_tyle> with the name "normal_focused" and
> "normal_unfocused" and add left="left_padding" right="right_padding"
> bottom="bottom_padding"
> 11.10 and onwards: Install mutter (sudo apt-get install mutter) and
> edit org.gnome.mutter 'draggable-border-width' in dconf-editor

What about 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04 users? Can't you see there are complaints
from users of these versions as well?

  5. This bug is only fixed in Unity 3D. Any similar issues with other
> desktop environments (gnome-classic, xfce, kde) should be reported to the
> relevant upstream.

This bug IS NOT FIXED. Just saying so won't magically change facts. And the
facts show very clearly LOTS of people have a really hard time grabbing
windows borders. Some people experience it at the top of the windows, some
at the sides, some at the bottom... (and we're not even talking about the
elusive target of Nautilus' sidebar resizing handle...). I'm no developer
so I can't imagine how you guys go about this thing, but it behaving
differently for different users on different computers should tell you