Comment 38 for bug 160311

I've commented before, but I'll say it again - resizing is unbelievably difficult at 1920x1280 resolution. Near impossible in fact. I routinely use "ALT-Space R" now. Trying to hit a one pixel (it feels like it) border on my screen is hopeless. I worry about the accessibility issues implied by this bug.

@Thomas Thurman, you hinted that certain metacity themes have wider drag borders - if you have one in mind, can you share its name on this list, please? You also mention that you were hoping for a blog entry on the metacity blog. If this ever happened, can you share the URL. I'd like to raise the profile if this issue any way I can (digg the blog post for example).

I notice that Gnome closed their bug claiming that drag border sizes were theme controlled. I'm not sure this is actually the case. So far, I've tried built-in themes (Clearlooks, Cruz, Glider, etc) and some gnome-look themes (Dust, DarkRoom, Brushed, Blended, and Shiki). Themes do not appear to have any effect on the drag border. Perhaps someone with theme experience can shed some light on this.