Comment 28 for bug 160311

This is a real pain on larger displays (e.g. mine is 1680x1050). It's also an accessibility issue - those with motor control problems may find it very hard to position the mouse to drag a window even on smaller displays such as 1280x1024 17" monitors.

Having switched from KDE, where this is a simple configuration option and the first thing I set up, I'm really surprised that GNOME doesn't allow this. Windows has of course allowed this for a very long time, certainly Windows 95 if not Windows 3.1.

Installing Emerald is reasonable workaround I suppose but that's hardly new user friendly - it would be much better if this was configurable. Having to search for a theme with wider borders is a pain, you might well end up with a theme you don't like for aesthetic reasons. As someone said, it's the small things that put you off when you are trying out Ubuntu for the first time. (I've used Ubuntu for a few years and Linux for ages but am setting up Ubuntu for an elderly relative who has some trouble with precise mouse movements.)