Comment 26 for bug 160311

I absolutely hate this bug.

I would also note that the most problematic are the top cornersas area above window icon and control box with maximize, minimize and close button cannot be used for resizing.

And I would also note that the window control menu (the one you get when you press Alt+Space) is broken for move and resize options.

Problem with Move - this menu is great to be used as a keyboard option for moving windows, right? When coding, I use mouse very little and use this to move windows instead. But, when I am finished moving the window, the mouse cursor is left right in the middle of the window, so I have to grab the mouse anyway and move the pointer away so it does not get in my way.

Problem with Resize - sometimes it works, but mostly it does pretty funky stuff. I noticed that it has biggest problems when the window is partially "behind the corner". I mean on another desktop.

I should maybe note that I use Compiz with cube enabled.