Comment 23 for bug 160311

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 17:17 +0000, zarathustra wrote:
> I just started using Ubuntu as a Desktop instead of server (even just
> today). So coming from using Windows and OS X for so long, I find this a
> big deal also. A resize control that is part of theme and displayed in
> the bottom corner would make thing much easier. I've tried all other
> included themes and none seem any better. I've tried adjusing my mouse
> sensitivity but it would be too slow to make just window resizing easy.
> I would switch to something besides Metacity just because of this
> reason.


If you don't like or you don't feel OK with the included themes, you may
check this:

It contains a lot of ways to change the look&feel of your desktop. For
your problem, it may be better for you to use a theme which has a bigger
window border. Take a look at gnome-look. You'll find metacity themes on
the left side of the page. (click the link "Metacity").

To install the theme do the following:
1 - download the Metacity theme you like somewhere on your computer
(lets say on Desktop)
2 - Open the theme manager: go to Main
Menu->System->Preferences->Appearance (or Theme)
3 - Drag and drop the file you downloaded to the window (or click the
install button and select the theme )

Don't be afraid to ask for further help when you need :)