Comment 2 for bug 160311

I'll second this - I can't find any way to make the windows resize border bigger than (I think) 1px. Resizing windows is cumbersome, frustrating and far too easy to get wrong. I'm running compiz-fusion enabled from a stock Gutsy build, with almost no additions (ccsm is the only change I've made so far) and the resize handles are all but invisible. I've tried all the stock themes in systems/prefs/appearance, but none of those appear to change the resize handles.

In Emerald, when using my older Beryl/Emerald combo (on Feisty), this was a simple change to make the handles bulkier and easier to grab.

And yep - of course I can also use the menu and choose the resize option, but obviously this is NOT a solution to the handles being to small. It's a workaround, which is even more cumbersome (but admittedly less frustrating) than hunting for the resize handles in the first place. I can also use ALT-BothMouseButtons to initiate a resize. But that's not useful if my keyboard isn't available/handy (which it often isn't when I'm using the PC in the living room).