Comment 0 for bug 160311

Binary package hint: metacity

The window borders in metacity are far too thin to be used for comfortable window resizing, and resize handles are not available in all applications (or even most). In fact, of all the windows I have open right now, not a single one of them has a resize handle. The result is that I get a lot of "misses" when I try to drag a window border, which usually results in my clicking on the wrong window altogether. The best fix for this usability bug is to create an "invisible" region around each non-maximized window about 4px thick that can be used for resizing (in addition to the visible border). Or perhaps there should be a border thickness option on the System > Preferences > Windows dialog (although the default thickness should still be increased considerably). Ideally all windows would also have a resize handle but I realize that these have to be application controlled (at least that seems to be the position of the metacity team).