Comment 6 for bug 587850

Kristian Nielsen (knielsen) wrote :

In MariaDB 5.5, there is no longer a conflict on package mysql-common. We do
provide a mysql-common package in the MariaDB repo for completeness, but it is
perfectly possible to use MariaDB with the standard mysql-common package from
the main repos. MariaDB-specific config is done through a separate package

As for package libmysqlclient16 - this is an empty package that depends on
libmariadbclient16. This is necessary as long as MariaDB is maintained in a
3rd-party repository. There are other packages with versioned dependencies on
libmysqlclient16. To replace with the MariaDB version, we
need to provide a real libmysqlclient package to satisfy these dependencies.

But when/if MariaDB is integrated into the main repositories, this can be
handled with the alternatives system. Eg. main libmysqlclient16 package can be
a virtual package that depends: on libmariadbclient16 |

So this should be fixed now.