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Mark Sapiro (msapiro) wrote :

You are correct about DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT being ignored. It could be implemented by changing line 33 of Mailman/Queue/ from

    SLEEPTIME = mm_cfg.minutes(15)



however that doesn't explain why in your case the retries were continuous as they should be only once in 15 minutes.

> Is the code perhaps supposed to set a message's "deliver_after" to "time + DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT" after a failure?

That would be another (and better) way to implement DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT and may be the intent of deliver_after as it currently isn't set anywhere.

It would also avoid the possibility of too frequent retrying if somehow the time.sleep call is interrupted.

I have opened for the issue of DELIVERY_RETRY_WAIT being ignored and I will fix that. I'm marking this "won't fix" as I don't intend to change the treatment of 552, at least for now.