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Bug #376812: mail-notification cannot connect to evolution Undecided Incomplete 452 weeks

From: cement_head

zip file containing the patched debs

Bug #799852: Violates "Notifications Specification" by using <span> tags Undecided New 453 weeks

From: ensc
Link: popup-markup.patch

trivial patch which fixes the issue

Bug #297094: gmime-2.4 support Undecided New 469 weeks

From: Jeff Stedfast
Link: mail-notify-gmime-2-4.patch

patch to build against gmime-2.4

Bug #725357: A backport of fetchyahoo is needed because old maverick/natty version (2.12.4-1) is not usable anymore due to recent Yahoo service changes. Undecided New 470 weeks

From: PhobosK
Link: fetchyahoo_2.14.0-1.diff.gz


Bug #334809: design problem? infinite wait for long queue Undecided New 483 weeks

From: Jeremy Nickurak
Link: xchat-gnome-notify-osd-append-hint.diff


Bug #602623: Buffer overflow while doing GSSAPI authentication Undecided New 496 weeks

From: Frédéric Crozat
Link: mail-notification-5.4-sasl_encode64.patch

better patch (from Fedora)

Bug #458882: 5.4 fails to compile with evolution-2.28 Undecided Confirmed 496 weeks

From: Frédéric Crozat
Link: mail-notification-5.4-evolution-gtkhtml.patch

patch to fix initial bug report build (from Fedora)

Bug #501624: does not build with evolution 2.29 Undecided New 498 weeks

From: Vincent Untz
Link: mail-notification-5.4-evo2.29.patch

Patch to fix build with new evo

Bug #557137: Needs to embed gnome stock icons Undecided New 498 weeks

From: Vincent Untz
Link: mail-notification-5.4-missing-icons.patch

Patch to use new icon names

Bug #403135: Notification area icon wrongly rendered/uses bg_color as a background (multiple apps) Undecided Confirmed 499 weeks

From: Boris Dalstein
Link: notification-area_fix.tar.gz

commented source code (and binary for 10.04 32bits) that work for the default theme of Lucid

Bug #411638: Prefer using capital -V for option (small -v is usually --verbose) Undecided Confirmed 550 weeks

From: Jari Aalto
Link: 0001-src-mn-main.c-Change-v-to-V-version.patch

Patch to chnage -v to -V

Bug #332767: Message popups do not pay attention to notification daemon capabilities Undecided Confirmed 553 weeks

From: Jacob Peddicord
Link: mail-notification_5.4.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2.debdiff

mail-notification_5.4.dfsg.1-1ubuntu2.debdiff (take 3)

Bug #250123: mail-notification launches seamonkey browser Medium Confirmed 606 weeks

From: Andy Ruddock
Link: seamonkey-launch-5.4.diff

Seamonky mail launch 5.4

Bug #179704: Mail Notification Crashes Randomly Undecided Confirmed 607 weeks

From: Marcin Wisnicki
Link: po_pl.po.diff

polish translation fix

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