Comment 18 for bug 334809

KillerKiwi (killerkiwi2005) wrote :

I get some thing similar when I get 2 many emails...

My thunderbird plugin sends a message for each email which is nice but I just received about 200 emails and the notify-osd just keeps displaying them one at a time...

My first thought was close thunderbird.. which of course dosnt help as the notification are queued

This is probably primarily a bug in the plugin but noify-osd should insure you never get into this position regardless how how badly apps may behave

Its VERY annoying, maybe there should be a anti spam type deal.. if more than N items are on queue from an application drop all but latest N

Even that might not be enough.. maybe block an app from notify-osd for 5 mins if it sends too many notification in a timespan as well