Comment 3 for bug 987002

Craig Eves (craig-flexible) wrote :

Hi Richard

I received this which details more about the error - hopefully this helps.

Hi Craig,

I have been looking at the traffic sent /received by the different browsers and there is definitely something different. The part of the error messages I sent you that looked interesting to me was the missing variables sesskey and related. When I sniff the traffic from firefox I can see values are being passed like this:

        'sesskey' : 'X0tK2ydq86GFeD31',\n
        'wwwroot': '',\n
        'loggedin': 1,\n
        'userid': 86392\n

However in internet explorer I see the following:

        'sesskey' : '',\n
        'wwwroot': '',\n
        'loggedin': 0,\n
        'userid': 0\n
Which obviously causes the error I mentioned in the previous email.

When I work backwards from here I can see internet explorer is doing something different with the negotiation

Vs firefox which works fine

I see also on the line a couple previous: Proxy-Authorization


So the IE version looks to have lost a big chunk of the key which might cause the failure of the negotiation and disrupt the passing of the missing values?

And the line up one again relating to the cookie

IE [truncated] Cookie: __utma=61070256.1103620605.1331598478.1335130693.1335134134.19; __utmz=61070256.1332300789.9.2.utmcsr=webhelpdesk:8081|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wo/SILu1GSSYVwZq5Kdj6QQOg

Firefox Cookie: __utma=61070256.537807588.1331781713.1334873344.1334876335.26;|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/; mahara=8599e900b0b1153b139a7b5aa5de4aa5\r\n

I have cleared the cookies in IE but doesn’t make a difference, I suspect the line with the proxy-authorization is the problem though I don’t know why this would happen.


Brad Rush
ICT Helpdesk
St Andrew’s College
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