Comment 4 for bug 1843149

Steven (stevens-q) wrote :

Commit hash: b8f0d8fb7a9b0ced1f1453b94ec6a0578edb7719
Environment tested: Master
Browser tested: Chrome
Theme used: Raw

1) Have 2 or more accounts that have files and portfolio pages, e.g. from (see file attached in comment 1 - )

1) On use the bulk export to export the accounts. /admin/users/bulkexport.php and export the accounts of 3 users
2) On testing Mahara site with patch, use the bulk import to import the acocunts. /admin/users/bulkimport.php of the 3 users
3) Verify the accounts are transferred and set up as they were on the original site.

Catalyst QA Approved ✔