Comment 4 for bug 1826076

Submitter: Robert Lyon (<email address hidden>)
Branch: 19.04_STABLE

commit 1902ffbe1564cd3a9ee4f22eb796f12f6ad92022
Author: Rebecca Blundell <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 24 14:15:49 2019 +1200

Bug 1826076: Put mouseleave event back on Smartevidence standard

Fixes a regression which stopped a standard's popover text
displaying on hover.

Changed the text of the standard to be shortname in the table


Change-Id: Ie9dae073777737763bb7300b26499f0f53ea6b94
(cherry picked from commit 0d95fc9cd531b18391d62858deed82ed5faa8392)