Comment 5 for bug 1759698

Submitter: Cecilia Vela Gurovic (<email address hidden>)
Branch: 18.04_STABLE

commit d5af64ebf7ace19217e4f1651639dc7dc024a6d2
Author: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Apr 3 06:43:47 2018 +1200

Bug 1759698: Bootstrap datepicker has it's own on change event

So we need to use that one instead of trying to capture the on change
event on the underlying input field


Change-Id: I78196e5bafb322d304fceb69740a3ba9c8568fd6
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>
(cherry picked from commit 24b57c01e30d8a34b8b6d93e433ddadbd29ce421)