Comment 8 for bug 1579145

Submitter: Robert Lyon (<email address hidden>)
Branch: 17.04_STABLE

commit c7e938a8dfc76314ff6fc0b626a222ae4a693fbf
Author: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>
Date: Wed Apr 12 13:09:28 2017 +1200

Bug 1681974: Image description showing 'http://' in the text

Reverting the code change for Bug 1579145 where it tries to guess what
is a URL


Change-Id: I96440ce8eafa7fbd3ac6100b3a0ef1e3cd22d137
Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon <email address hidden>
(cherry picked from commit c75de1cd67ec7dc3bff30dd58b03d872ea9afa09)