Comment 0 for bug 1384481

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :

We made a conscious decision not to display the Mahara minor version number on the footer of every page, except to Mahara admins.

However, in bug 1214124 we then added the minor version number to every stylesheet and Javascript URL, which makes it trivially easy to find. You just look at the source code, and look for style.css:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

We should replace this with an arbitrary integer stored in a config variable, which gets incremented whenever we upgrade the site. This would have the added (minor) benefit that you could then force a reloading of all the assets without incrementing the major version number, by simplying increasing this integer.

Only medium importance, because a dedicated hacker could probably infer the Mahara version number anyway, by looking at changes in the site's behavior.