Comment 2 for bug 1351055

Aaron Wells (u-aaronw) wrote :

Hi Son,

Thanks for submitting the 3562 patch. However, I've abandoned it because I think it's not the best way that Mahara should pursue this feature. The patch that you submitted, creates one site-wide Mediawiki site inside Mahara, which is only editable by Mahara admins & staff. However, the main use case for a wiki in Mahara is to allow multiple (student) users to collaborate together. And, putting MediaWiki inside of Mahara has the downside that we would have to keep our MediaWiki library instance up to date, which could be burdensome.

So instead of this implementation, we should pursue one of these two options:

Option 1: Write a plugin for the MediaWiki software, which allows Mahara to be integrated into it as an authentication source. (We actually already have this for, but it could use some work.) This achieves the same functionality of having one site-wide MediaWiki site, but it moves the MediaWiki support burden outside of Mahara.

Option 2: Take a lighter-weight wiki library, and set it up as an interaction plugin, so that individual groups can have wikis. (Or it may make more sense as an artefact plugin? Would individual users want groups?)