Comment 3 for bug 1339113

Submitter: Ghada El-Zoghbi (<email address hidden>)
Branch: master

commit 37b61d96b5b5d24f2ea5f0b405e90e730ddc5357
Author: Tobias Zeuch <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 8 17:09:02 2014 +0200

New blocktype to display a simple text

Bug 1339113: A blocktype to display a plain snipped of text on a page that is
not connected to any artefact and therefore does not cause unintentioned side
effects when content is added on a view that has been copied.

Change-Id: Ib01448cf08f08ff5738bd1814d9e2027daff006d
Signed-off-by: Tobias Zeuch <email address hidden>