Comment 0 for bug 1246702

The current notification system stores the complete message with all meta-data in a single entry in a single table. When the recipient deletes the notification, the message-entry is deleted in the same moment. That has some disadvantages:
When a notification is deleted that was part of a conversation, the conversation thread is cut at the message.
When you try to implement an outbox without touching the notification-system, the user cannot delete messages from the outbox. But when the reciever deletes the message, it disappears from the outbox as well.

The idea is to store the message in a separate table from the user relation. This way, the message can be easily extended to reach several users. Storing the Deleted-Information in the second table, the message remain in the database until all participants have deleted it, thus preserving the metadata, from whom and to whom it was sent.

We startet implement such a message system as a plugin that blends in with the former notification system. The bug report serves as reference for gerrit