Comment 0 for bug 1788910

I am testing with a privileged LXD container running MAAS and libvirt as a KVM pod.

In this configuration, I am not able to use a macvlan (macvtap) attachment (due to being in a container); it fails with an error such as the following when starting the VM (found in the syslog, or when starting the composed VM manually via virsh):

    342: error : virNetDevMacVLanTapOpen:477 : cannot open macvtap tap device /dev/tap11: No such file or directory

When the VM is allocated with skip_commissioning, MAAS never tries to start it; it remains in "Ready" state and the user would never know there is an issue until they go to deploy (it fails with "Failed Deployment").

If the VM is manually composed without skip_commissioning, MAAS attempts commissioning, and commissioning immediately fails with "Failed Commissioning", with no indication about what the error was or why it occurred.