Comment 0 for bug 1704489

I'm adding a machine, which appears to work fine, but MAAS returns a 401 error:

Command failed: maas-cli root machines create hostname=taillow power_type=ipmi architecture=amd64/generic mac_addresses=ec:b1:d7:80:90:ac power_parameters_power_address= power_parameters_power_user=Administrator power_parameters_power_pass=insecure power_parameters_power_driver=LAN_2_0
b"Authorization Error: 'Nonce already used: afe9692868de46b3b163622f0c38ff09'"

from regiond.log:
2017-07-14 21:20:13 regiond: [info] POST /MAAS/api/2.0/machines/ HTTP/1.1 --> 401 UNAUTHORIZED (referrer: -; agent: Python-httplib2/0.9.1 (gzip))

from maas.log:
Jul 14 21:19:43 lairon maas.api: [info] taillow: Enlisted new machine
Jul 14 21:19:43 lairon maas.node: [info] taillow: Status transition from NEW to COMMISSIONING
Jul 14 21:19:47 lairon maas.power: [info] Changed power state (on) of node: spinda (xneqy8)
Jul 14 21:20:14 lairon maas.power: [info] Changing power state (on) of node: taillow (6gtqax)
Jul 14 21:20:14 lairon maas.node: [info] taillow: Commissioning started
Jul 14 21:20:27 lairon maas.power: [info] Changed power state (on) of node: taillow (6gtqax)

This is very similar to bug 1702751 except the node is in commissioning state in this one, and I don't see any errors anywhere.