Comment 4 for bug 1594991

Jason Hobbs (jason-hobbs) wrote :

16:22 < jhobbs> We can't use the event log at all, because on the node detail page the events are all "Queried node's BMC - Power state queried: on", and when we go to the detailed page, it's so slow the page basically freezes up because there are so many events.
16:23 < jhobbs> might as well not even bother displaying the events on the detail page because they're all just "Queried node's BMC - Power state queried"
16:23 < roaksoax> actually, then the fix would be to fix the detailed view"
16:23 < jhobbs> nah it would be to stop showing the power query logs
16:23 < jhobbs> it didn't used to do that and it was a lot more useful then
16:23 < jhobbs> power querying isn't a node event
16:24 < roaksoax> jhobbs: it is a node event, it is happening every so often
16:24 < roaksoax> it is adding more observability to what MAAS is doing
16:24 < jhobbs> it's ruining the node event log
16:24 < jhobbs> and making it harder to observe actual events we care about
16:25 < jhobbs> we don't care about what MAAS is doing, we care about what the node is doing
16:25 < jhobbs> it's actually making it way less observable
16:26 < roaksoax> jhobbs: not at all. The node event log table is to log all events that are happening on a machine
16:26 < roaksoax> jhobbs: the fact that you don't see i the overview but you see all in the detailed view
16:27 < roaksoax> is just a UI thing
16:27 < roaksoax> jhobbs: the backend will store that anyway