Comment 2 for bug 1576116

I uploaded curtin and /etc/network/interfaces here:

Please don't share outside of the company.

We have been using full external DHCP for some time and it always worked for us. I don't mean to say that this method is good or should be supported just want to point out that even if unsupported it still works just fine. I think it's unrelated to this problem though.

I can think of situations where adding MAAS as resolver on every host will cause problems. For example if MAAS DNS does not have full view of all zones but you force it on top of what is coming from DHCP or config management systems can end up with intermittent resolution problems for some hosts.
Another scenario is one we've just hit - firewalls blocking access to MAAS DNS.

If this behaviour can't be changed maybe there is a way to make it more visible and obvious to avoid surprises?