Comment 10 for bug 1508741

Ante Karamatić (ivoks) wrote :

0. No :/ It's a personal laptop.
1. MAAS is running in a VM on a personal laptop. All other machines are physical HP nodes (so, this is more about iLO rather than IPMI)
2. No, MAAS is in a VM (see comment 8 for details on how networking is done) on a laptop
3. virbr0 is a standard libvirt NATed network. That network is used as an external network on MAAS (eth0->virbr0-NAT>laptop's WIFI, eth1->br-mgmt0-bridge>laptop's eth0)
4. They are running iLO/IPMI against physical machines

I don't have network diagram, because this is all hearsay (by three different people with three different laptops/setups). I was planning on reproducing this on my own.