Comment 12 for bug 1413388

We just landed a series of changes (which should make it to 1.7.6 and 1.8.1) to:

 * Ignore the "allow-query", "allow-recursion", and "allow-query-cache" options when writing the MAAS DNS options file, if they are already present within named.conf.options.

 * Migrate the "forwarders" and "dnssec-validation" options from the user's configuration to the MAAS database, if they are present within named.conf.options during an upgrade or install of maas-region-controller. (note that if maas-region-controller-min is being used, the command to migrate these options may need to run by manually, since packaging does not assume that a database is on the same machine as the regiond in that case; that is, "maas-region-admin edit_named_options --migrate-conflicting-options".)

Sadly, we don't preserve the original comments inside named.conf.options, but that is a significant amount of additional effort.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue for everyone.