Comment 9 for bug 1287224

On Friday 07 Mar 2014 21:35:05 you wrote:
> While I can grant most of your points, Dave and Julian, for some
> deployments of MAAS (or even other clouds), there are plenty of cases
> where random machine names are not very user friendly.
> As a compromise, what if this were a configurable option, in the MAAS
> configuration? Something like:
> (x) Random, e.g. Xzkmd
> ( ) Enumerated, e.g. node42
> ( ) Random dictionary word, e.g. barley

I could get behind this, yes. The next thing you're going to see is people
asking to upload their own dictionaries, mark my words :)

> Where the default is the current status quo (5 random chars). But
> there's also support for some friendlier options too.
> For the dictionary, to Dave's point, I propose that we create a curated
> list of ~1024 or so adjectives+nouns that are least likely to offend.

Everything offends someone, somewhere. I personally would not bother going
down that route, it's easy to edit hostnames if someone dislikes one.