Comment 4 for bug 1075907

Ľubomír Mlích (hater-zlin) wrote :

So solution for me is the same as in related question, modify init script.

line 33 is:
    start-stop-daemon -p $PIDFILE -S --startas /usr/bin/serve-branches --chuid loggerhead --make-pidfile --background --chdir $served_branches -- --prefix=$prefix --port=$port --log-folder /var/log/loggerhead 2>/dev/null

should be:
    start-stop-daemon -p $PIDFILE -S --startas /usr/bin/bzr --chuid loggerhead --make-pidfile --background --chdir $served_branches -- serve --http --port=$port 2>/dev/null
I'm not sure errors should go to /dev/null, removed access log can be regained by using apache as reverse proxy.

Real solution should be fix serve-branches.