Comment 2 for bug 639772

James Henstridge (jamesh) wrote :

Without knowing what is in the app's database, it is a bit hard to know what the problem is. What Michael describes is how the "netritious2" user name would have appeared.

If you've got access to that database, running the following query should help determine what is going on:

  SELECT auth_user.username, django_openid_auth_useropenid.claimed_id
    FROM auth_user LEFT JOIN django_openid_auth_useropenid
      ON ( = django_openid_auth_useropenid.user_id)
    WHERE auth_user.username LIKE 'netritious%';

There are two possibilities here: (a) there was an account called "netritious" in the database prior to using django_openid_auth with no OpenID identifier associated, or (b) someone else authenticated via OpenID and provided the "netritious" as a nickname first.