Comment 7 for bug 611240

Eric Ding (ericding-alum) wrote :

I just installed the package written by neelance to make MintMenu available as an AWN applet. However, as he notes in a comment on his ppa, the applet can sometimes take a really long time to start up. I think I've figured out why: when his code imports the MenuWin class from mintMenu, python gets hung up for a long time on the top-level call to gnomeapplet.bonobo_factory().

To make mintMenu friendlier for this kind of use, could you just make a simple change to the code, checking that __name__ == "__main__"? Doing so resolves the delay in mintMenuAwn, without effecting mintMenu's use with gnome-panel or as a standalone window; I've attached a patch that makes this change. Thanks!