Comment 5 for bug 1186624

Hi there,

A few issues were mentioned so I'll address them below:

- The login sounds which were traditionally in Mint were disabled in Mint 15 for performance and stability reasons (basically they were played without pulseaudio and we were afraid they would prevent pulse audio to acquire access to the sound card device during the session startup). You can re-enabled them in mdmsetup (Menu->Login Window).

- The main switch for event sounds is functional.

- The selection of custom sounds among a predefined list is something we never wanted to see land in Linux Mint. It was inherited from GNOME 3 in gnome-control-center and also in cinnamon-control-center all the way to Cinnamon 1.8. Event sounds on tab completion and in the terminal, in particular, were something we wanted to disable. At the time of Mint 15 we didn't have good knowledge of this and there were no plans to reshape the sound module in cinnamon-settings, so the sound files were temporarily removed. In Cinnamon 2.0 this feature is permanently removed (i.e. you cannot select sounds anymore and cinnamon-control-center doesn't provide any). We're considering adding sound events selection in Cinnamon 2.2 (Mint 17), but we want to stick to, either via a sound-theme selection (as was the case in an earlier version of GNOME), or by letting the user define not one custom sound, but an entire selection on predefined events.