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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1722364: Invalid ADC commands sent via UDP will crash the app Undecided New 216 weeks

From: maksis
Link: udp.patch


Bug #363092: TLS port should not be allowed to be the same as regular ports Low Confirmed 416 weeks

From: Fredrik Ullner
Link: dcpp_tlsport.diff


Bug #966852: Not responsive on linuxdcpp's startup Undecided New 503 weeks

From: M@nk
Link: splash.diff

Splash screen patch

Bug #804969: Disable libnotify checks at build time Low Fix Committed 543 weeks
Bug #473205: Copy email address from user list Wishlist Confirmed 563 weeks

From: Francois Botha
Link: copy_nickview_items.patch


Bug #300728: out of memory if share contains broken directory names High Confirmed 581 weeks

From: eMTee
Link: invalidfilename.patch


Bug #311818: Sharing duplicates Medium Confirmed 583 weeks

From: Tehnick
Link: caseshare.diff

linuxdcpp case-sensitive patch

Bug #617988: atomic counters implemented Low Confirmed 589 weeks

From: Gennady Proskurin
Link: atomic_count.patch


Bug #617591: Pointer.h/intrusive_ptr_base class is too heavy-weight Medium Confirmed 590 weeks

From: Gennady Proskurin
Link: atomic_count.patch


Bug #610248: Incorrect startup monitor Medium Confirmed 592 weeks

From: Francois Botha
Link: dont_save_window_position_and_size.patch


Bug #546230: Send a PM via linuxdcpp.pipe Wishlist Confirmed 610 weeks

From: lagalopex
Link: add-say-command.patch

now uses dispatchClientFunc

Bug #538478: Support for overriding automatic path configuration Medium Confirmed 611 weeks

From: Razzloss
Link: dcpp-util-initialize.patch


Bug #230973: UPnP does not work Wishlist Confirmed 625 weeks

From: poy
Link: patch.patch


Bug #464185: impliment copy file name in search Wishlist Confirmed 630 weeks

From: lys
Link: CopyFileName.patch


Bug #302340: gui hangs when searching for something that gives a lot of results Medium Confirmed 630 weeks

From: Razzloss
Link: hmn.patch


Bug #264342: Hashing thread doesn't halt immediately on shutdown Medium Confirmed 656 weeks

From: Steven Sheehy
Link: stop_hashing2.patch


Bug #362878: fix compilation on Mac OS X Low Fix Committed 659 weeks

From: Ximin Luo
Link: mac_patches

patches dcpp/QueueManager.cpp and SConstruct

Bug #310292: Search results to passive users get sent to UTF-8 nick High Confirmed 675 weeks

From: Edward Sheldrake
Link: linuxdcpp-passive-sr-target-nick-encoding.patch

Possible fix, convert nick from UTF-8 to hub encoding

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