Comment 5 for bug 562293

√ėyvind Stegard (oyvinst) wrote :

Tried the Lucid RC in a live session from USB stick.. Scrolling performance was abysmal in Firefox. So bad that I scrapped my plan to actually install Lucid onto the hard-drive. ATI X1400 128MB graphics card, system has 3GiB RAM. Strangely enough, when monitoring top while scrolling, a process called "hd-audio0" seems to suck up excessive amounts of CPU time (up to 50% on dual-core) in proportion to amount of graphics activity. So looks like a freakin audio card driver is actually using CPU whenever there are graphical operations going on (same things happens when moving windows around). This is further confirmed by the fact that audio crackles ever so slightly if I scroll fast while playing some music. Note that I have not actually tested an installed version of Lucid, but I find it strange that running from USB would consistently affect the graphics performance in this way.