Comment 278 for bug 445852

theluketaylor [2010-04-29 21:24 -0000]:
> Yes, I reported this 6 months ago. I'm more than a little frustrated it
> hasn't been fixed yet, especially since in comment 203 I read this:
> "So in summary, the problem is fixed in the lucid version of
> libatasmart. While the code could be a little more robust for future
> extensions (which I'll discuss in the upstream bug), there are currently
> no code paths which can lead to the situation that triggers HSM
> violations."

So far I just got access to one machine where this happened. I could
reproduce the bug and found the cause (see upstream report). As of
today, nobody offered me SSH access to a machine which is still
affected, so I'm afraid there's nothing else I can do..

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