Comment 26 for bug 356768

JamesL (jamesly0n) wrote :

I had similar problems on Jaunty, however examining /var/log/messages didn't tell me anything. After upgrading to Karmic, I'm still getting system hangs when I use the ath5k wireless driver. A few points are different about my system though:

- Under Jaunty, using the ath_pci driver fixed the problem completely.
- Under Karmic, I've noticed a couple of other symptoms, most notably that when I try to set up an ad-hoc network I get network names full of garbage characters appearing in the networkmanager dropdown. The netbook I'm trying to connect to my main system with also sees these.
- Under Karmic I've also been getting sound skips when connected to wireless; can't be sure if this is related or not since it doesn't happen frequently enough to nail down.

Right now I've disabled wireless drivers on Karmic since I can't get ad-hoc networking to work anyway so it's no use to me (the WPA network I create gets detected as a WEP network as described in #322902). When I upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic I also switched from 32-bit to 64-bit (this was due to an installation mistake with Jaunty that didn't seem worth fixing by the time I noticed it).

I also tried using the instructions posted to the forum at to install MadWifi drivers manually, but this causes nm-applet to segfault so I can't connect to anything.