Comment 15 for bug 356768

Konrad Klimaszewski (graag) wrote :

I've tested the i386 version during the weekend.

I managed to hang the wireless two times under heavy load (not sure if it is relevant but it usually happened to me while streaming some video). Then I stopped testing :/.

In dmesg I've seen:
ath5k phy0: noise floor calibration timeout
ath5k phy0: failed to wakeup the MAC Chip
ath5k phy0: can't reset hardware (-5)

I don't have my laptop with me at the moment so I cannot post full dmesg log.

I looked once again through the bug report at kernel bugzilla. Actually I do not see any traces from "warn_on_slowpath". Is there some verbosity setting for dmesg? Or maybe it's a different bug after all.

Is there some additional info you would like me to provide?