Comment 11 for bug 923888

Mans Rullgard (mansr) wrote :

In screenshot003.png the error is clearly in the upscaling from SD to display resolution. The 720x576 input image has been scaled uniformly to height 1080 resulting in a width of 1350 pixels. Beyond horizontal position 1350, the last pixel has been replicated to fill the line up to 1920 pixels.

The same problem is present in screenshot006.png with the addition of the image being repeated twice vertically at half height. The top and bottom halves of this image are almost identical pixel for pixel, which suggests they are from the same source image, not a top/bottom interlaced pair or similar (unless the video has *no* motion at all between frames; a test with a high-motion scene would clarify this). Possibly a single field has been repeated twice, although the presense of black borders suggests a film source, which is typically not encoded with interlacing.

Without access to the actual files being played, I cannot speculate further. Also, is this using hardware or software decoding?