Comment 11 for bug 888555

On 16 November 2011 18:59, Loïc Minier <email address hidden> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011, Данило Шеган wrote:
>> linaro-image-tools are designed to run on different development hosts.
>> As an ugly hack, we could perhaps introduce full test suite runs inside
>> the package build to leverage the pre-existing Launchpad automated build
>> services. If a package fails to build on a particular Ubuntu
>> release/arch, we'd see the problem. That'd be quick and dirty, but
>> would, at the same time, be abusing package building process (imho, at
>> least).
>  The testsuite was definitely enabled during package build when I
>  was uploading to Ubuntu, I still see it in e.g. the 0.4.3-0ubuntu2
>  packaging, but the Debian unstable packaging which someone has synced
>  into Ubuntu (and which apparently started from the Ubuntu packaging
>  anyway) doesn't run the testsuite anymore, no idea why.

The package from PPA doesn't have the tests enabled because (afair) it
required access to internet during the build.
When I took over the package maintenance (2011.08), the tests were
already disabled.

>  Fathi, would you please:
>  - re-add running the testsuite to the packaging
discussed with salgado, it seems the testsuite doesn't require/fail
anymore due to missing internet access.

>  - re-add the debian/changelog entries from the Ubuntu package you
>   copied over
There's no reason to do that. We have a different packaging for the
PPA and Debian/Ubuntu Oneiric/Precise.
The latter packages were re-done from scratch.

>  - consider changing Vcs-Bzr: lp:ubuntu/linaro-image-tools unless that's
>   truly where the current *Debian* packaging is kept?
It's considered but as mentioned, we have 2 different packaging.
For PPA, where we should keep lucid running and have a packaging to
easy the backport.
For current distro, using dh_python2.
We need 2 branches and "current" packaging isn't kept anywhere atm

>  The current build-deps are quite long just to run the testsuite.