Comment 3 for bug 1017949

I made a initial analysis on the issue:

1) Wifi works perfectly without any issue.
2) Switching ON Bluetooth works, but Switchin OFF Bluetooth gives a crash, and sometimes hci0 timeout error and sometimes, it deregisters the cg2900. (It seems, bluetooth is highly unstable), and sometimes, bluetooth never switches on back...

When deregistering of cg2900 happens, switching on WLAN, fails ( I guess, this is because, the wlan driver depends on cg2900 module), so, the the wlan driver is not able to find the necessary clock structure which is provided/registered by cg2900.

So, depending on the bluetooth state on bootup.. wlan fails.

Bluetooth errors:

Attachment: bluetooth_log1.txt

Error2: (sometimes, when switching on bluetooth, hci0 timeout error)
[ 293.308746] Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout
[ 294.308776] Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout
[ 295.308746] Bluetooth: hci0 command tx timeout

Error3: (deregistering of cg2900 - bluetooth)
[ 101.379028] cg2900-uart cg2900-uart.0: Set chip power: ENABLE
[ 102.028625] cg2900-uart cg2900-uart.0: Set chip power: DISABLE
[ 103.193237] cg2900-uart cg2900-uart.0: UART closed
[ 103.198150] Bluetooth: Unregistering CG2900
[ 103.728668]
[ 103.728668] [4fe4ad29:0a8d28fe] CG2900_FM_Driver: cg2900_fm_switch_off: Invalid state of FM Driver = 0
[ 103.739624]
[ 103.739624] [4fe4ad29:0b34cc56] CG2900_FM_Driver: cg2900_fm_deinit: Already de-Initialized
[ 103.758056] cg2900-audiobt cg2900-audiobt.0: CG2900 Audio driver removed
[ 103.766448] cg2900_audio: CG2900 Audio device removed
[ 103.797271] cg2900-uart cg2900-uart.0: Transport disconnected

In the 3rd error case, Wlan doesn't work, giving error,

platform cw1200_wlan: cw1200_clk_ctrl: Failed to get clk 'sys_clk_out': -2 --> when we switch wlan, the cw1200_wlan module gives this error, hence the module doesn't get inserted in to the kernel & fails.

I feel, once, Bluetooth is fixed and stable, the wlan issue will get fixed automatically...