Comment 196 for bug 221112

(In reply to comment #66)

> Regarding the voting, is there generic popular Linux-oriented site in
> France? Like or smth...

There is a popular Linux-oriented site in France ( and the final ajustments of this layout were done after discussion on this site.

I realise there is a vocal minority that does not like some of those choices but
1. the other alternatives used in the ancestors of this layout generated a lot more hate mail
2. because I knew there was no choice everyone would like spacebar layout is modular (and I'm the person who modularized it as part of the creation of this layout). People can choose the previous behaviour if they want and a few other possibilities were added as part of the modularization
3. so far no one proposed any better option appart from removing symbols which are necessary to write proper French (arguably proper French is not the same as C code). It's a lot easier to clamor for removal of the bits you do not use than to try to design a general-purpose solution without cutting corners