Comment 8 for bug 499421

Michael Nelson (michael.nelson) wrote :

Initial investigation:
It's an amd64 build of thunderbird-3.0 3.0.2~hg20100209r4691+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1~hardy in ubuntu hardy RELEASE
The build is oopsing as expected:
as the IBuild.buildstate is still BUILDING but the the related
BuildQueue.builder attribute is null (the actual bug).
The build doesn't have a buildlog.

The buildd logs are interesting - in that they don't exist?? Currently
buildd-manager.log.2 goes from 2010-02-07 18:04 - 2010-02-07 21:04
buildd-manager.log.1 goes from 2010-02-07 21:04 - 2010-02-07 23:47
buildd-manager.log goes from 2010-02-09 07:04 - present.
Hmm... did I miss something? If not, then perhaps a losa can let us know why
they stopped?

Other builds of the same package for different arches built fine in hardy,
and other builds of the same package on amd64 for different distroseries
built fine as well: