Comment 5 for bug 487522

<noodles775> Hi leonardr ! When you get a chance, could you read through the comments on bug 487522 and let me know if there's something obvious we missed?
<mup> Bug #487522: getPublishedSources() does not support batch operations <Soyuz:New> <>
<bigjools> oO
<bigjools> james_w has been using that for many months
<leonardr> "getPublishedSources()[:10] might not be applying the slice to the server-side query, but rather to the result that never gets back to you"
<leonardr> that's correct
<leonardr> a python slice is applied to its lhs, and the lhs is not being calculated
<leonardr> you need to forgo the syntactic sugar
<leonardr> let me find the right syntax
<noodles775> leonardr: but seems to imply that it works for other CollectionFields?
<noodles775> OK, thanks!
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<noodles775> bigjools: without any args? (ie. ubuntu.getPublishedSources() ;) ).
<leonardr> noodles: a lhs like "launchpad.bugs" is resolved without going to the server
<bigjools> noodles775: he uses published_since_date IIRC
<leonardr> launchpadlib doesn't go to the server until it sees the slice
<leonardr> but if you call a named operation, it goes to the server immediately
<noodles775> I see. Would it be possible for it to behave similarly for named operations?
<noodles775> (at least, if it's followed directly by a slice?)
<leonardr> in theory, yes. the function call would return some kind of 'defered' object
<leonardr> noodles775: try passing "ws.start" and "ws.size" parameters into the named operation
<leonardr> i know that if you send those parameters lazr.restful will respect them, but lazr.restfulclient might reject them because they're not found in the wadl