Comment 16 for bug 350246

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) wrote :

I have unlinked the unrelated questions since the subject matter of their questions was not about the launchpad janitor. This will help keep the comments focused on this problem and reduce unwanted emails to the users who did not subscribe themselves to this issue.

Hi James.

There is not strong consensus because there is not a clear problem. The bug says "rude message", but I think that fixing the message will not address the core problem. Most of the linked questions were Tom's (I saw only 2 that I did not see is name on).

In most cases, there was a question, Tom tried to help. Two weeks after the last comment, the question was closed. It is not clear then if the user is still having a problem or if the user failed to mark the bug solved;. If the user had replied to to the question after it was closed, the question would have be set to the open state. So we know the user was no longer engaged in the issue.

There could be an old questions report that shows questions 10 days old? A message could be sent to answer contacts and user when the question is 10 days old? The question could be presented in reports differently?

Not all bugs will be solved; the janitor will close them so that answer contacts can focus on user's who are engaged. Keep in mind that no bug that is assigned to an answer contact will be closed by the janitor. The bug will remain open until someone forces a state.