Comment 12 for bug 339951

Julian Edwards wrote:
>> And yes - it would be great to have a [subscribe] button :), currently
>> the best we can do (with Karmic) is as described in the "Adding this PPA
>> to your system" section, but I hope that we'll soon be able to make this
>> a link instead which will automatically bring up Software Sources on the
>> users computer with the ppa ready to confirm.
> Remember that this is down to the Ubuntu guys, and they are very much against
> installing PPAs from web links.

Well, if I understand correctly, they are against a package being
installed (or more generally, admin things being done) by
clicking on a link (ie. without going via the normal Ubuntu desktop
apps). What I've outlined above is something that I chatted
with mvo about a while back, a link that would open up Software Sources
to the correct tab and put the required ppa line in the box. That is,
the ppa addition is still all in the hands of Software Sources as the
user still has to use the UI there to add it, we'd
just save the user opening it up and copy-paste the PPA identifier.

I'll try to chat with mvo again and if he agrees, create an actual bug
for it.