Comment 24 for bug 272826

Matthew East wrote:
> The "Ubuntero" status has a specific usefulness. It is extremely
> useful to be able to see whether an individual has signed the Ubuntu
> code of conduct in Launchpad, because many teams require that as a
> prior condition for membership (such as ubuntumembers, and any number
> of other community teams). I agree that it is inapplicable to
> Launchpad members who do not participate in Ubuntu, and therefore it
> could probably be implemented in a different way, although I can't
> immediately think of a good one.
As part of these changes, we would make it so:

 - people can upload their own agreements or contracts, and
 - you can specify that they need to be agreed to before you can be a
member of a particular team

So, we'd make it easier to workflow people joining ubuntumembers (and
other teams) and we would also generalise the capability for other
organisations with similar requirements.

So, for example, you could say "make sure anyone who wants to land code
in zope has signed the contributors agreement".