Comment 117 for bug 240067

xaav (xaav) wrote :

> If this isn't done in 3-4 months, I won't be fixing it. However, I will try my best to get something started on this.

At this point, it has been a few months, and as promised, I have put too much time pouring over the launchpad code and getting this plan pushed through, I'm busy with other things by now. The biggest problem here is it takes too long to change something in launchpad. If I was writing my own application, I could have something basic out in less than 5 days!

I really am sad to do this, and I really hope this bug gets fixed. It just seems there are too many bugs to fix and not enough people to fix them. Hopefully I have encouraged someone else to fix this bug by now, but if not it will get shoved down to the bottom of the list due to all the other problems has (about 5000 of them).

Sorry it turned out this way.