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Valient Gough (vgough) wrote :

Twice I have downloaded a language .po file in order to check for errors. When I upload a new version of the .po file, rosetta appends a bunch of lines to the end.

Procedure: download po file; add or modify entries; upload po file; download new po file.

The new lines look like they were taken from one of the old files and have many lines commented out with "#~ ". For example, some of the appended lines in the french translation file (this translation string also appears earlier in the file without being commented out):

#. xgroup(setup)
#: encfs/FileUtils.cpp:530
#, c-format
#~ msgid ""
#~ "Please select a key size in bits. The cipher you have chosen\n"
#~ "supports sizes from %i to %i bits in increments of %i bits.\n"
#~ "For example:"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Veuillez sélectionner une taille de clé en bits.\n"
#~ "Le chiffrement que vous avez choisi supporte des\n"
#~ "tailles de %i à %i bits par incréments de %i bits.\n"
#~ "Par exemple :"

When I did this with a fr.po file, rosetta added 103 commented lines to the end of the file. When I edited a fi.po file, I ended up with 180 extra lines..