Comment 9 for bug 232545

Abel Deuring (adeuring) wrote :

My work on bug 829074 will just implement Bryce's suggestion to optionally limit the search results to bugs that have a bugtask on the project that referenced by the packaging link. UI wise, there will be two radio buttons ,like so

  Upstream target
    (x) All possible upstream targets
    ( ) [name odf the upstream project]

But I can extend this to also present the options "select upstream project" and "select upstream source package", where you can explicitly specify any project or (Debian) source package. A search would then return only those bugs that have a bug task for the given upstream project/source package. (Or, in the case of "Show bugs that are not known to affect upstream ", bug that do not have an usptream task.)

This option would only be available for searhes on source packages and on distro source packages.

Daniel, is this roughly what you have in mind?